Aarão do Brasil

Pássaros e
Aves Ornamentais


Pots containing 500g.
INDICATION OF USE:Premix mineral, vitamin and amino acid used in the manufacture of products for feeding birds aiding the mechanical digestion in the gizzard of these birds of all ages.GUARANTEE LEVELS PER KG OF THE PRODUCT:Niacin (Minimal) 0.80g
Riboflavin (Min) 408.00mg L
Glutamine (Min) 80.00mg
Selenium in Organic Form (Minimal) 150.00mcg
Thiamine (Min.) 1.20g
Vitamin E (Min) 250.00 IU
Calcium 5.00g Magnesium 0.60g
Potassium 475.00mg
Sodium 75.00g
Arginine (Min.) 1.50g
Vitamin A (Min) 13000.00UI
Vitamin B12 (Min) 20.00mcg
Vitamin C (Min) 498.50mg
Vitamin K3 (Min.) 2.40g
Zinc (min) 1.00g

HOW TO USE:Provide the bird with free access throughout life.PRESENTATION:Pots containing 500g.
Insane product registration in the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply.

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